Yun Zheng ’27 Awarded Jack Shores Memorial Endowed Scholarship

The Jack Shores Memorial Sigma Phi Epsilon Endowed Scholarship was recently awarded to Yun Zheng ’27. This scholarship was created to help students pay for tuition who would otherwise be unable to do so. 

Yun has received several honors, such as the Henry F. Goldsmith Chemistry Award, the Alexander Dallas Bache Science Award, being named an AP Scholar with Distinction, and receiving Distinguished Honors. In the 2023-2024 school year, he is looking forward to “having survived Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science.”

AS of 6/23, the market value of the scholarship was $231,000, and it is now giving out $12,000 in scholarship aid per year.

If you want to make any additional contributions to the fund; here’s all you need to do:

1. Go to this link:;jsessionid=85B0649F767AF87617049370631D1DBA

2.  Go down to text box down, and type in Jack Shores (Memorial Sigma Phi Epsilon Scholarship) in the search box.  

You should see the Jack Scholarship populate.   Then make sure to click on “select.”

3. Select make a “One-time gift”.  

4. Select/enter the amount you wish to donate.

5. Then enter your info and payment info.