Penn Delta Sends Hefty Delegation to August’s Conclave

Photo: Reagan McGill, ’26; Victor Lobelo, ’26; Alan Raskin, ’26; newly minted chapter counselor Chantry Carroll, Murray State, ’17; Pennsylvania Delta Foundation alumni board president Brett Danko, ’90; and alumni board members Conrad Eberstein, ’65, and Jared Fenton, ’17
Penn Delta dispatched its largest “delegation” to the Fraternity’s 59th bi-annual Conclave in hot, hot San Antonio this past August–3 undergrads and 4 alumni.

For those who may need a refresher about the purposes of SigEp Conclaves, it’s helpful to know that the Grand Chapter’s by-laws call for a national, bi-annual gathering where current undergraduates and district governors consider legislation and elect national officers and a national board of directors (including 3 undergrad directors) to guide SigEp for the ensuing 2 years.

In a historic note, in 1906, in conjunction with our chapter at Jefferson Medical College, what was then the Delta Delta chapter (now Penn Delta) hosted the first Conclave held outside of Richmond.

Each chapter in the Fraternity is invited to send an undergraduate and alternate delegate to participate in the Grand Chapter legislative body to consider two year’s worth of governing legislation.

Our delegate this year was Victor Lobelo, ’26, from Denver and our alternative delegate was Reagan McGill, ’26, from Easton, PA. Together, Victor and Reagan represented Penn Delta undergrads on legislative committees which reviewed proposed legislation and resolutions, and after an affirmative committee vote, the proper paperwork was distributed to the larger Grand Chapter for a vote, very much akin to the procedure used in U.S. House of Representatives

A third undergraduate, Alan Raskin, ’26, from upstate New York also attended Conclave and spent time observing legislative sessions and also attending various seminars for undergrads which were designed to coach or mentor future undergraduate leaders.

Further, Pennsylvania Delta Foundation president Brett Danko, ’90, was invited to present an undergraduate seminar on financial planning. As Brett explained, he was basing his presentation on an enlarged theme of “Sound Mind, Sound Body and Sound Finances,” reflective of one of the purposes of the Fraternity. Reports from the Conclave have it that Brett’s presentation was as relevant as it was eye-opening for the undergrads who had the good “cents” to attend.

Upon his return to the chapter, Delegate Victor Lobelo told the Delta Penn reporter, “Conclave to me was more than just a spectacular opportunity, it was a life-changing reunion for which I will forever be grateful. The substance I gained is beyond what words might describe, and what I took away most was a deeper appreciation of giving. Giving to fellow brothers, giving to friends and family, giving to one’s community and living Virtue, Diligence, and Brotherly Love in all that I do.

Some said it was an opportunity to expand our individual SigEp networks, and that doesn’t quite do my experience sufficient justice. Attending Conclave was a blessing and an honor, for I met so many unique, accomplished, and genuine brothers of what is not “just an organization,” but a true family.”

Alternate delegate Reagan McGill added, “Conclave opened my eyes and heart to the world of SigEp beyond Pennsylvania Delta. I had the opportunity to meet and learn from SigEp undergrads and wonderful alumni belonging to successful chapters from around the nation. Victor, Alan, and I left San Antonio excited to better our chapter with the information, conversations and experiences we shared.”

Our 3 undergrads reported that one of the most significant Conclave legislative moments involved an overwhelming display of support for SigEp’s Mental Health Initiative. Enabling legislation passed unanimously–and with a standing ovation, no less–to name The Reflect Organization, a national programmatic and service-learning SigEp partner. Reflect is a mental wellness, not-for-profit organization founded by Penn Delta Brother Jared Fenton, ’17, and inspired by Penn Delta older Brother Tony Krumbhaar, ’12, which will augment the evolution of SigEp’s Balanced Man Brotherhood Development Program via its peer-to-peer, mental wellness programming.

Our Fraternity’s next Conclave will be held in August 2025, in Tampa, Florida. See you there?