A thank you from Conrad Eberstein, ’65

Over 100 Penn Delta undergrads and alumni–as well as about 15 alumni from metro New York City chapters–gathered at our annual spring McCron Penn Club get-together and participated in recognizing my 80th birthday. 
I deeply appreciate the SPEcial acknowledgment and it was thrilling to see so many of “us.”
Over the years, my primary SigEp emphasis has been on our undergrads.  If they nurture lasting friendships within the chapter, we alumni will have done what we are here for, over and beyond our own personal friendships, brotherhood experiences and cherished memories.
I am still “kvelling” to have met such a vibrant and caring Penn Delta chapter.  Our undergrads measure up and for the first time in my memory, 3 of them will represent the chapter at Conclave in (balmy?) San Antonio next week.
A big, fat Greek “Thank you” to the entire alumni body for the support of so many of you over the years . . . as I begin to “fade away,” I know that Pennsylvania Delta Foundation president Brett Danko, ’90, and many other alumni volunteers will carry on and support our chapter of character and brains. 
The kids “survived” Covid.  In itself, that’s most satisfying . . . and, to me, they demonstrated that if they put their minds to it and if they “do it right,” they can achieve anything.
Hooray for our side !
– – –
A personal note, please:-   if anyone might want to be in touch, my email is [email protected].  If you were a member of the chapter back in the early 60’s, and especially if your last name begins with “Ca,” “Vo,”  “Ra,” or “Wo” please (please) drop me a line.