A letter from Fred Achenbach ’57 to his Sigma Phi Epsilon brothers 

Dear Sig Ep Brothers, 

So sorry to hear about the reunion being canceled, even though I would not have made it because of physical conditions! “Gettin’ old ain’t for sissies!” Also, I was sorry to discover that Ron Sloat ’57 and Earl Conway ’54 had passed away recently. 

I can remember some of the best years of my life spent with great fraternal brothers at 3909 Spruce St. Ben Barr ’60, John Roth, Carroll Andres ’57, Carl Foley ’58, Ken Lorenz ’56 and Bob Johnson ’55 ([email protected]), just to name a few. How could you forget guys like John Oswald at the piano and Bob Regainia singing? I still stay in touch with Clarke Glennon ’55 ([email protected]), George Downes ’58 ([email protected]), Fred Smith ’57 ([email protected]) and John Stadtmueller ’57 ([email protected]). I lost touch with Bob Regainia after he changed his name to Gains, formed a quartet that made commercials for TV and retired to Florida. 

I still remember the night Bill Pfaff ’53 took us “younguns” into Philly and taught us how to act. He even bought us a drink. He taught us well, we all survived the four years, Also, nobody could beat Harry Richards at ping-pong, nor Joseph Zahn ’55 at pool. Ed Lesser ’55, my super big brother, used to frustrate Harry at ping-pong with his looping returns or smashing shots, but Harry usually prevailed.  

Bob Davidson and John Roth were great presidents, Marshal a great cook and our houseman (whose name I cannot think of right now) was a good caretaker. 

Thanks to all who helped me through: Don Sontag, Ed Lesser, Clarke Glennon and Ed Winenarski to name a few. Everyone helped, but some held my nose to the grindstone. As a result, I had a great career in the Bell System, Local Government Administration and Local & County Government Politics. Also, Marilyn and I have been married now for 65 great years with three good kids that look after us.  



K. Fred Achenbach, Jr. ’57

1640 Kumry Rd. 

Quakertown, PA 18951 


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